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Bwomp Tab

K this song is easy as crap, just jam your low e to d and your off.

After all the keyboard and Spanish rap bit finishes it goes as follows:

e -------------------------------
b -------------------------------
g -------------------------------
d 000-011-000-01--000-0110-------
a 000-011-000-01--000-0110-------
d 000-011-000-01--000-0110-------
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Then when Nothing starts going "Piling it to high" Just do
this for a while

d 000000000000000000000000 

When he gets to the bit that says " What we leave behind.. "
Play on the low d twice:

d 0--------3--------2--------1--------0 
 Then go back to the beginning. 

It may be easy to play but it kicks ass! Any questions email me at