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Unintended Tab

Artist: Muse
Song: Unintended
Album: Showbiz

This is a version i am going to play in a concert. You have a bass 
playing the root notes, and maybe having an nylon or steel acoustic
or both playing may give it another dynamic.

For the bass play orignal version
For the acoustic play the original song
For the clean electric play an octive up (put a capo on the 12th fret)

Now the way im going to play it is the hard way, there will be a bass
guitar playing the bass notes and i will b playing the original 
version on a clean electric, then halfway through i will add the capo
and play the song an octive up. I also play triplet notes on the 

 This is called part 1
   E                       Amin               D
   G                 C                B7

End of part 1

Repeat that for verses and the chorus and when you have done the 
sequence twice, add the triplets in like this
[ Tab from: ]

You can do this on any chord and do it when u want to.
Now for the 12 fret part, place the capo on the 12th fret and play
the regular chords and again add triplets at your disposal.

now the structure goes like this

The same verses from the original Unintended (with the triplets)
play that for the whole song then after the "Ill be there....."
part have the bass play for a whole section of the verse while
you put your capo on.
Then return and play part one for the rest of the song and 
for the ending play this at the 12th fret then have the bass play
two bars of E then come back and play the same thing with out the 

   Amin                Amin/G            Amin/F#
   Esus4/F            Esus4                   E

That be it If you arnt sure of how to play it, email me at

And if i cant explain to you through writing ask me to send you 
the guitar pro file of the song

Have Fun!