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Hyper Music Tab

Artist: Muse
Song: Hyper Music
Album: Origin Of Symmetry
Tabbed by: Sian Clarke

I can guarantee this tab is 100% correct, however, if you disagree, have any questions, comments or whatever,
e-mail me at the above address and i'll do my best to get back to you.

You need two electric guitars for this song, and they both need to be in dropped D tuning (lowest E string
tuned down to a D, for those who are unsure). Also, use heavy distortion unless otherwise indicated.
For the first pick scratch in the intro, start at about fret 14 and scratch all the way down the fretboard.  

Chords used:
              D7#9      0x12 11 13 13
              D7#9(2)   x5456x
              Dm        xxx10 10 10
              Am        xxx9 10 8
              G         xxx787
              Gm        xxx786
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Key to tablature:

~~~ = pick scrape 
~~ = pick scrape towards bridge
/ or \ = slide to numbered fret
h = hammer on
p = pull off
() = around a numbered fret indicates note is fretted or implied, but not necessarily played
b = bend string up to the pitch of the numbered () fret
G(1) = Guitar 1
G(2) = Guitar 2


G(1) only                               D7#9
 --------------- E--------------------|-----13-----------------------|-----13-----------------------|
 -w/ad lib-pick- B--------------------|-----13-------12--13--12--11--|-----13-------12--13--12--11--|
 -scratching-at- G--------------------|-----11---0-------------------|-----11---0-------------------|
 -top of neck--- D--------------------|-----12-------12--12--12--12--|-----12-------12--12--12--12--|
 --------------- A-----------5/-14-\--|------------------------------|------------------------------|
 --------------- D--x~~~