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Hoodoo Chords

Artist: Muse
Track:  Hoodoo
Album:  Black Holes and Revelations
Tabber: rhashr

These are the chords for the outro arranged for guitar, I know
people have been asking for them. There are other good tabs for the rest of the song. 
feel free to suggest any changes. Enjoy!

Chords used:
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Cm   x3554x
G#5  x5653x
G    355433
A#   688766
F    587565
G#   466544
D#   365343
D    254232
D    x54232
D7   x34232
Gm   6x0786
D    x04232
Fm   133111

Come to be

How did it come to be

tied to a railroad

no love to set us free

           G     A#   F
watch our souls fade away

        G#     D#   D
and our bodies crumbling

          D   D7  Gm  D  Gm   D
dont be afraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

Fm     Cm       G        Cm
i will take the blow for you