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Feeler Tab

Pete Murray- Feeler
Album- Feeler

Intro and Verse
-----------------------------------------------G repeat as
--------xxx--5x--------xx--7-xxx-7-x-7-----x---D necessary

Muting signs are only guides, just strum in a constant pattern
and sometimes play the notes, it should sound perfect.

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You        and I       will be          always

These are the cords, just listen and get pattern, pretty simple. Some muting
thrown in to.

Listen to the song to know when to play each section. This is it though.

There are a few different distorted chords at the end of the song to give it a punch,
but the intro is still being played throughout the end and keyboard solo. If anyone 
figures out the keyboard solo I would be very interested! This is an easy song but 
it sounds bloody awesome on your good old acoustic. You won’t be able to stop playing it!
All the love I can’t give…looking for a girl friend… hahaha