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Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 20:45:58 -0800
From: jamiii 
Subject: "Subway" by Peter Murphy

from Peter Murphy's _Cascade_

VERSE  - Dm  A#  Dm  Gm  (2 bars each chord)
CHORUS - Dm  F   Gm  Gm  (1 bar each chord)


This is a very early translation, perhaps from
English->Japanese->English, hence not completely accurate.
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Dm                                   A#               Dm       
It's like there's a straight way you know, you know
I've told you before it's as thin as ice
As thin as the razor snow
Don't freeze in the snow
Don't bake in the heat
I'll be your breath
          Dm          F      Gm      Gm
There's a place where we can meet
There's a place where we can meet
There's a place where we can meet
Use me
Don't sleep in the subway
Don't sleep in the pouring rain

By my voice in my midnight meditation
When I wake, be my heart's floatation
Come and fill, come and fill from the overflow
Come and play, come and play be like a bird

Don't sleep in the subway
I'm needing you well - I
I feel you, you're closing down yeah
Get close, talk right through me
Get close, keep tight with me
If you fall now it could be forever
I'm telling you the line is thin now
I've told you before this hate is a sin
Empty out for the overflow
Let love begin

There's a place where we can meet

tabbed by: john m.