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Big Sleep Chords

By: Murder By Death
from the album In Bocca Al Lupo

       Bm         Em
At the end of the road
         A        Bm
He calls everyone home
        Bm           Em
And the fire will consume us
Striking through to the bone

       Bm         Em
At the end of the road 
         A               Bm
you will sleep, hear him call
       Bm            Em 
as the congregations crumble 
        F#           Bm
and the chapels will fall

        Em            A
And the taste on your tongue, 
well it comes yeah it comes
With the bittersweet pang of remorse and pain

         Em          A
Till the judgment is made
The prosecutionís won

The gavel has fallen
    F#         Bm
And justice is done

Bm Em A Bm Em F#
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Bm            Em
The courtroom clears
         A            Bm
Iím left alone on the bench
Bm                   Em
My wife and children gone
Along with the defense
    Em               A          Bm
The bailiff leads me back to my cell
         Bm        F#             Bm
Like the riverman, ferrying me to Hell

        Em         A    
I canít blame Ďem, no
To hate me for what Iíve done
            Em                A
I hear them whispering in the hall
ďyouíll live and die by the gunĒ
    Em          A            Bm 
All I can do is sit here and pray
        Bm          F#       Bm
Iíll be forgiven on judgment day

        Em          A
Tell my wife in our yard
Buried underneath the pine
          Em              A
There's a shoebox full of money 
of which I never earned a dime
Em        F#
Use it to start over, 
the way things should have been
Live honest, and love again

        Em            F#      Bm
Tell my wife, tell my kids, I never meant for this to happen

Bm Em F# A Bm F#   end on Bm

When they flip the switch,
please do not stay
I couldn't bear for you
to remember me this way