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From: AndrewL798 
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 20:57:19 EST
Subject: CRD:This_time/Last_time.crd by Shawn Mullins

Song name:   This Time/Last Time
Artist:   Shawn Mullins
Album:   Jeff's Last Dance Vol. 2 or Better Days

Capo 2
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Intro:  G C(9)  Em7  D  x 2
G       C(9)         Em7-D   G       C(9)                   Em7         
My time is your time,    after all that we been through, can you hear me 
callin' you?
G       C(9)    Em7      D       G         C(9)                  Em7 
This life, in walkin' time, he was born tonight to you, living my life 
with you.

    Em7    D           C(9)                   Em7        D
So call me in the garden cell, just wait and see, I'll start a brand 

new now.

then play

G          C(9)        Em7     D             G C(9) Em7 D
This time is the last time for me.

Same chord pro throughout entire song.
(other verses)

My life is in your hands, you can take me all the way
just reach out, and walk over lands, do-o-o-o, the world has
seen it's better days, yes it has

Now is the little do- do- do- do thing, over G, C(9), Em7, D.

(chorus)  x 3
end and sustain chord on "time"

Then" for me"

end G pattern