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Watching Xanadu Chords

Artist: Mull Historical Society
Track: Watching Xanadu
Album: Loss

Words & Music: Colin Macintyre

	C x32010
	D xx0232
	F x33211
	G* x55433
	G 320033
	Dm xx0231
	C/D x30010 (optional, interspace between C's & D's in verses) 
	D7 xx0212
	G7 320001

D:-----3--2--0--- into Dm  then G (x2)

Then C  F  C  F...


D         C               D
She said, someone else is happy
C		D
Someone else is carefree
C               F        G
Someone else is here and now
D         C               D
She said, someone else is living
C               D    
Someone else is out there
C               F      G*
Someone else is buying time

[ Tab from: ]
F	    C
Sit on your world,
		F           C
If I could just do what you do
		F	    D7
If I could just be what you want me to be
	    F			    G7
You know it really doesnt matter, it really does...(intro tab)


	       Dm        G
She's watching Xanadu
		  Dm          G
She says she cant love you 
	   C       F	      		 C         F
She can do anything,   yeah she can love anything
  G              Dm           G
She says theres a photograph
		 Dm		G
She says its the saddest thing
	     C          F                  C
Yeah but you never call,      yeah but you never ring


She said, put the world between us
Celebrate and pack up
Open up our eyes and jump

She said, find another doorway
Find another sucker
Find another way to leave

BRIDGE 2 (as bridge 1)

CHORUS (variation on 1) 


CHORUS (variation on 1)

F          C		F
She can do anything
	   C		F
She can do anything
	     C          F
She can love anything

She can love anything .....etc etc

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