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Saying Goodbye Chords

Saying Goodbye Ė The Muffs

A          D               A
Iíve got better things to do
    D                  A
And better things to listen to
     D           A           E         A  
Than all of your ranting and raving on me
     D          A    
Itís all of the time now
    D        A               D    A       E
And itís too late for you to find reality here

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      D        A        E
Now I want you outta my life
          D             A          E
What they say is youíre outta your mind
A*  C#m A       Bm       A
I   regret the days gone by
C#m A*  Bm   A
And all my alibis
C#m A*       Bm      E
It makes me want to cry
But youíre outta my life
Whatíd I say?
           Bm       E
Iím saying goodbye, yeah

No matter what you say
No matter what you do
I'll always have a low opinion of you
I've finally done it
And it's too late for you to try and make up with me

[Repeat Chorus]

Now I've got you out of my life
And I've got you out of my mind
I regret the days gone by ...

A* is barred.  Enjoy the song!  Mike Fiasco