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Lucky Guy Bass Tab

Well I couldn't find this tab anywhere else. so heres an ATTEMPT :)
The Muffs: Lucky Guy
tuning: 1/2 step down

intro/chorus: x2

[keep strumming 3 'till the verse starts]

verse: x2
you and I, are in danger... I dont stay in love that way

next bit:
and you know..             ....Is all you ever need

[ Tab from: ]
chorus extension thing: x2
oooh you're a lucky guy

and thats basically the pattern.
keep playing the verse when the guitar solo comes in.

You and I are in danger
I don't stay in love that way
And the love of a stranger
Doesn't really make my day

And you know
You have a thousand things in front of you
Doin' anything you like
And takin' it easy
Is all you ever need to do

You've no ambition and only ever sit around
I don't know why
And you know it's true and you never wanted anything
You're a lucky guy
You're a lucky guy
Oh oh oh, you're lucky

There's a time, and a reason
You could go a long, long way
And for you it's so easy
Yeah, and it's your lucky day

[Repeat Chorus]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
And you know
You've no ambition ...

Hopefully this makes sense to you. I only just worked it out myself but playing along to 
the song it felt right. Note that i haven't tried it in any other tuning.