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Touch Me Chords

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From: (brandon garith grimes)

This is my first attempt at transcribing, so forgive my errors...thanks!

			      "Touch Me I'm Sick"

The main rhythm goes as follows:

Ab	Ab	Db	C	B	F#
Ab	Ab	Db	C	B	B
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Play that progression throughout the verses...

Right before he says, "TOUCH ME I'M SICK!", play:

Db	B

The bridge part goes like this:

Ab		 Db
Come on baby now come with me

D#	      Db D#	      Db
You don't come, you don't come,

D#	      Db D#	      Db      Ab  Ab
You don't come, you die alone!

Play the main progression under the solo, which I'm not talented enough to
transcribe yet...

That ought to about do it.  Any comments (praises always welcome!),
suggestions for improvement, whatever, should be sent to me at:

Brandon  :)