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From: Ryan Johnstone 

If I Think - Mudhoney, from the album Superfuzz Bigmuff

There clearly isnt enough Mudhoney material on here.  Im not sure if 
this is absolutly correct (the 'notes' bits are very sus.), but it 
sounds pretty close.  Superfuzz Bigmuff is by far their best album, 
if anyone has tabbed any other stuff off of it, I'd sure like a copy. 
You can mail it to me direct if you wish.  


E : 00233X
D : 2320XX

Notes1    --------------         Notes2    -3-3-3-3-1-------------
          --3/5-5-5-----                   -----------3-3-3-3-1---
          ----------5-3-                   ---------------------2-
          --------------                   -----------------------
          --------------                   -----------------------
          --------------                   -----------------------


E          D       Notes1  - (repeat twice)

Verse 1

E               D      Notes1
I forgot how to breath
E                    D    Notes1
I forgot just what I need
E                       D      Notes1
Saw the world layed out before me
E                D      Notes1
I saw everything so small

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E             D           Notes1
If I think, I think of you
E             D           Notes1  Notes2
If I think, I think of you
I open my eyes
Watch the sky turn blue
E                         D
I fell so good I almost forgot, all about, you
D                         E
E (once, let ring for a sec.)

Verse 2

E            D  Notes1
I for how to cry
E                D  Notes1
I forgot I could die
E                        D   Notes1
And im so sick of what I need
E                         D   Notes1
I could close my eyes and fall

Song format

Verse 1
Verse 2

You relly need to listen to the record to appreciate just how its 
played, but heres a rough guide.  The intro and verses are played 
with very lazy strumming and no distortion.  The first two lines of 
the chorus are also without distortion and played in the same lazy 
fashion.  After playing 'Notes2', kick in the distortion for the rest 
of the chorus and stum solidly.  After each line in the chorus there 
is a slight pause prior to the next line.  The last E chord is played 
w/out distortion and melts into the next verse.

After the last chorus the song goes into instrumental overdrive but I 
havent gotted around to working out the chord progression for that 
bit yet.

If anyone has any improvements to this I would like to here from you.

>From the Englishman with a good taste in music

Ryan Johnstone.