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Sinking Sun Chords

These are just the general chords. He plays around with them a bit throughout, but 
you'll have to figure those little nuances yourselves. Lovely song.

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 A#   F  C        A#       F       C
Here we sit now, watch the sinking sun

A#       F        C                    Dm     C
Think of all the roads that we've been down

A#    F     C     A#  F    C
Time may pass us, we won't mind
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A#          F       C
We got our bags and we got our rags

    Dm     F    C           Dm   F     C
Oh we're doing fine, yeah we're doing fine


F   C    Dm    A#       F   C    Dm     A#
We will talk about all our good times,

F      C     Dm       A#         F     C    Dm    A#
Know there's so much more that we're gonna find

This is pretty much the whole song. Outro is an F just the same as the intro. Like I 
said you can play around with the chords quite a bit, see what fits. Enjoy!

Stan Evans.