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This song/artist is mega ultra cool.  

A: 5-7-7-6-5-5
E: 0-2-2-1-0-0
F#m: 2-4-4-2-2-2
Amaj7: 5-x-7-7-5-5
   The song is played with a sort of reggae strum pattern, you can listen and play along.
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   Verse:   A     E     F#m     Amaj7
   Chorus:  A     A7     D      Dm

 I'm not sure some of the chord names in the bridge, but here's how you play 'em.
   Bridge:   F#m    F#(something):x-4-3-2-2-x   A/C#(maybe?):x-4-2-2-2-x

   And that's about it.  Enjoy.