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Wants And Needs Tab

Song Title: Wants and Needs
Written By: Jarrod Moxey
Date: 11MAR01

  Am               C          Em                 F
Sub Intro
  Am          C        Em         F

Am     C        Em     F
I wrote this song for you
Am        C        Em        F
It only took me a minute or two
         Am    C   Em        F
It's a story of my wants and needs
       Am           C       Em        F
It's something that I want you to believe
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Am             C            Em            F
The words came to me while I was driving home
Am        C          Em          F
They came to me cos I was all alone
Am         C        Em            F
Thinking of you and what you had said
          Am      C       Em          F
Had these visions running through my head

Sub Intro
Am            C              Em        F
You said that I can live without your kiss
            Am       C          Em      F
But that is something that I know i'll miss
     Am     C             Em        F
Your tender touch and and your soft skin
    Am          C        Em          F
The key to your heart so I can come in

    Am        C              Em     F
To give you my soul and my undying love
              Am       C         Em      F
These are the things I want from you my dove
      Am          C                Em         F
But there's just one thing that makes my heart bleed
         Am               C     Em         F
And it's knowing that it's only you that I need

Sub Intro
Am           C           Em       F
I don't need money or expensive gifts
Am        C        Em      F
Nor will I ever deny you lifts
      Am         C        Em      F
To wherever that you may need to go
         Am        C        Em           F
There is just one thing I'd like you to know

Ending Verse
C                         G       F
I need you in my life and no one else
C                                 G        Am
I would trade everything for you even my wealth
F                          C
For money can't buy me everything
G              C
Cos all I need is you

slowed down
G               C
Yeah all I need is you