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For You Chords

Artist: Jarrod Moxey
Title: For You
September 2003
Written for Cara Gleeson

Chord Progression
C  G  Am  Em  F  C  D  G
C  G  Am  Em  F  C  G  C

C                G
I want to sing a song for you
   Am              Em
A song that is so beautiful
     F              C
But all the words I sing right now 
           D         G
will mean nothing to you
   C                G
So if I strike the right note 
         Am                Em
And my words all start to flow
       F             C
Then Maybe you will see
            G               C
That this song is just for You.
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Well the tears you cried 
So many nights, so many times
Are tiny drops of love
That i stole away from you
And all the things I've said and done
That made you feel that we were wrong
Are things I'll never let myself
Ever forgive for hurting you

You took a chance and you trusted me
And I just let you down
And now I feel so awful that
You're no longer around
Your smile, your eyes, your sweetening smell,
Your gentle kisses too
Your laugh, your touch, your happiness
Which made me fall in love with you

A girl so bright with shinning light
That nobody could fade
With grace and charm and so much life
She'd star in a parade
You sat right there so vulnerable
And sought to trust in me
And I took it all for granted
Yes, I took it all for free

Well now I sing in front of you
A sad and lonely man
Because I didn't cherish
The special thing I had
The girl I love and long to hold
The girl that showed me life
This girl I wanted so damn much
I asked to be my wife

Now I have seen what I did wrong 
And would like to start again
So please give me just one last chance
And take me by the hand
I'll never do the things I've done
My love for you is true
My number one priority
I now know that it's you