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Aspirations Chords

Title: Aspirations
Artist: Jarrod Moxey
Date: 27DEC01

Chords used: G Bm C D
     G     Bm  C  D

G                         Bm
I know the sweetest girl, she's a friend of mine
C                        D
You look into her eyes, and see the stars shine
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She'll always there for me, when I need a friend
Someone to stand by me, to the very end

I'm falling for this girl, falling in love
she was sent down to me, from heaven above

she's the most beautiful girl, I have ever seen
a girl you'd only meet, in your best dream

but for now I can't have, this wonderful girl
and she's the only thing I want, in this whole wide world

and for the day I wait, I wait and pray
that she'll be at my door, and have this to say

you're the one I want to be with, and I know it now
I don't know why I didn't see it before, I don't know how

how I could be so blind, and push you away
but now I see what's right and I'm here to stay

but that is all my hope, my wishes come true
(spoken)and maybe one day, I'll be with you.