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Star Dusting Chords

Bb Eb
Bb Eb

toward the end of our first year in las vegas
you looked up from your little corner
and i saw that your face was getting a little brighter
and you asked me is it really getting warmer
      Bb             F
or is it just me and then you started mumbling
Eb          C
                   Bb F    Bb
so what are you saying  anyway?
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i thought i heard bells ringing but then i remembered
that i no longer knew what bells sounded like
i thought maybe we'd strike up a conversation
till bad luck cruised by on his ten speed bike
     Bb               F
i got real cold and iii grabbed my coat
        Eb                     C
and i saw that the ringing was coming from your throat
             Bb    F    Bb
what are you saying  anyway?

Bb Eb
Bb Eb
Bb F Eb C
Bb F Bb

the Bb Eb parts of the intro and outro end with plucking the high strings of the Eb 
instead of strumming.  listen to the song or do whatever you think sounds good.

this may not be quite right since i haven't played it on a guitar with standard tuning.  
sounds right on my bass though.  it should be right since what i put is all I II IV and 
chords of Bb major scale.