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Lions Teeth Chords

			     LION'S TEETH - Mountain Goats

Tabbed by: lostpanda

Tuning: standard

Ok, so I'm a moron and I butchered this tab the first time I did it.
This is a far more accurate tab for the song.  Sorry.

Em  G  C  Em
Em  G  D  C B

Em              G
The king of the jungle
C                 Em
Was asleep in his car
Em                       G
When your chances fall in your lap like that
       D                        C                B
You've gotta recognize them for what they really are
Em        G
Nobody in this house
C                      Em
Wants to own up to the truth
Em                     G
I crawl in shotgun and reach into his mouth
D                    C          B
And grab hold of one long sharp tooth
         Em    A     Em
And hold on
For dear life
       Em     A     Em     B
I hold on

[ Tab from: ]
Em                G
Well of course he wakes up
C                Em
His paw hits the horn
Em           G
I am gonna regret
D   C              B
The day that I was born
         Em                    G
And then mom rushes out to the driveway
C         Em
My sister too
Em         G
Everyone's screaming
  D  C           B
I am dreaming of you
       Em   A   Em
I hold on
For dear life
       Em   A   Em    B
I hold on

C               Em
And my arms get sore
C                     Em
And my palms start to sweat
C                  Em
And the tears roll down my face
C                          B
Till my cheeks are hot and red and soaking wet

Em          G
In come the cops
C                  Em
They blowtorch the doors
Em      G
I start wailing
D        C    B
The lion roars
Em                     G
There's no good way to end this
C          Em
Anyone can see
Em                     G
There's this great big you
D              C    B
And little old me
            Em    A   Em
And we hold on
For dear life
        Em     A     Em
We hold on
We hold on

Em   A   Em   B  (2x)

end on Em