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Going To Queens Chords

The Mountain Goats
Some Swedish Trees
The Mountain Goats
Going to Queens

(he plays the octave E chord)

Intro: E - D - A
E                D              A  E          
Well you were standing in the door, well I wondered what you were 
   A     B
waiting for
            E                 A          B
I saw the wild straw berries on the vine, out of control
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INTRO (4x)
E             D     A 
Well I was trying to think of something clever
E                  A         B
you were saying nothing whatsoever
            E                             A
I saw the faries throw their hooks into the soil
Felt the blood between us churning thick as motor oil 
               E     D     A E          D               A
We've come from California,   the air around you was familiar to me now
             E   D   A      E       D          A
If you were gazing westward, I was looking at you again....yeah

INTRO (4x)

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