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Elijah Chords

Easiest to play with a capo 1st fret.


A                                             D                          E
Streak the windows, smear the walls with coconut oil, yeah
A                                             D                          E
Fill a cast iron kettle with water and magnolia blossoms
Let it boil, let the water roll. 
D                    E                           A  D E
Let the fire take its toll. I'm coming home

[ Tab from: ]
A                                              D                    E
Dust off the idols, give them something to eat
A                                              D                    E
I bet they're hungry, I know I'm starving half to death
F#m                                       D                        E
I know you're waiting, I know you've been waiting for a long, long time 
A                                        D                          E
and I'm coming home

F#m                     D                            
Set the table, those three extra spaces, one for 
A                                     E
me, one for your doubts, one for God

A                         D             E
Let the incense burn in every room
A                               D                   E
Feel the fullness of time in the empty tomb
A                      D                   E
Feel the future kicking in your womb
               A                          D                          E
I'm coming home. I'm coming home

Repeat intro for a while, end on A.