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Broom People Chords

E - C#m - A - B - E

E         C#m
36 Hudson in the garage
A                        E
All sorts of junk in the unattached spare room
E             C#m
Dishes in the kitchen sink
A                 B
New straw for the old broom
A	                 E
Friends who don't have a clue
A            E
Well-meaning teachers
A                C#m                  A     B
But down in your arms, in your arms, 
            E                 A
I am a wild creature

E - A (x3)
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E                            C#m
Floor two foot high with newspapers
A                          E
White carpet thick with pet hair
E                     C#m
Half-eaten gallons of ice cream in the freezer
A                  B
Fresh fuel for the sodium flares
A                            E
I write down good reasons to freeze to death
A               E
In my spiraling notebook
A               C#m                    A       B
But in the long tresses of your hair
                E        A
I am a babbling brook

E - A  (x3, end on A)