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The Reckoning Chords

Mount Moriah -- "Reckoning"
From the self-titled record

Tabs by Tim Prizer (

Heather McEntire plays this in bar-chord form, as such:

A: 5-7-7-6-5-5
E: 12-14-14-13-12-12
D: 10-12-12-11-10-10

But it also works nicely in traditional-chord form, and I find that it is better 
to play it this way if you're playing it with no lead guitar backup because you 
can provide some texture to the D at the end of each line by pulling off and 
hammering on the little e-string (or including a couple of Dsus2 chords with it).  
This, of course, looks like so:

A: x-0-2-2-2-0
E: 0-2-2-1-0-0
D: x-x-0-2-3-2
Dsus2: x-x-0-2-3-0


INTRO (same as verses): [A] [E] [D] [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2] x 3; then [A] [E] [A]

[A] Mama [E] rest your [D] mind [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] I found a lover she's [E] gentle and [D] kind [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] Finally [E] it's the [D] lasting kind [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] So mama [E] rest your [A] mind
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[A] Mama [E] calm your [D] nerves [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] It could be [E] so much [D] worse [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] And if this [E] love is the [D] Devil's curse [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] I don't [E] want your [A] cure

[A] If your old book [E] says it's [D] true [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] Back of your [E] knees locked to the [D] seat of the [Dsus2] pew [D] [Dsus2]
[A] And if it's this [E] painful and [D] pure [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] I will [E] reck[D]on [A] you 

[A] All you [E] ask for is fami[D]ly [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] I've had your [E] fists your love your [D] suffering [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] All these [E] years of [D] coming [Dsus2] clean [D] [Dsus2]
[A] But never [E] heard or [A] seen


Guitar break (same as verse/intro)
[A] [E] [D] [Dsus2] 
[A] [E] [D] [Dsus2] 
[A] [E] [D] [Dsus2] 
[A] [E] [A]

[A] Mama [E] dry your [D] eyes [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A]Forget a[E]bout the [D]fire [Dsus2] [D] [Dsus2]
[A] Look how my [E] face [D] smiles and [Dsus2] shines [D] [Dsus2]
[A] Can you learn to [E] know your [A] child


[A] I will [E] reck[D]on [A] you
[A] I will [E] reck[D]on [A] you