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Time For Change Chords

Mötley Crüe - Time For Change
Album: Dr. Feelgood (1989)
Written by Nikki Sixx and Donna McDaniel

Transcribed by Jon Malmin (

This is a fine, and quite overlooked song by the Crue.
The guitars on the record are tuned in D, but on acoustic
guitar it's a lot easier to just play it in E. Feel free to
make any corrections, I'm not very experienced when it comes to
transcribe out chords (Not sure about the G7 for example). I 
think this tab should do the job anyway, though.

Intro: F C/E Dm C Bb C F C

F            C/E          Dm
I heard some kids telling me
             C            Bb   C          F    C
How they've lost all the faith.... in the way
F            C/E            Dm        C
They've been talking world peace now 
        Bb   C         Dm      Dm/C Dm/B G7
And the wars... in the streets
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Dm                 Dm/C      Dm/B  G7  
The lines on their faces so deep
Bb     C         A        Dm
A revolution, or reach out
C             Bb
And touch the day
Bb             C
Were overdue, child

C/E                 Dm
Now its time for change
C                   Bb
Nothing stays the same
C                  F    C
Now its time for change (repeat)

(Verse 2: Same chords as 1st verse)
I feel the the future in the hands
Of our youth will be safe
No more lies
Old, tired fools tell our future
With tarot cards, and lie of crime

(Prechorus and chorus are the same as last time)

Solo backing: Same as chorus

F             C
I'll change
Dm            A
I'll change
Bb                 C
Not tomorrow, but today

(Chorus: Here comes a key change to G major)
D                  Em
Now its time for change
D                   C
Nothing stays the same
D                  G    D
Now its time for change (Repeat this as the song fades out)

Have fun!