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Last Night Chords

Motion City Soundtrack - Last Night 
From the album Even If It Kills Me

Tabbed by Mads Morville (

Chords used:
Standard        Capo on first fret
Db: x46664      C  x32010
Ebm x68876      Dm xx0231
Bbm x13321      Am x02210
Ab  466544      G  320033
Gb  355433      F  133211

I'm still frustrated from last night
        Ebm        Bbm                                  Ab
Things happened at half-time, I'm sick of the bends
My panic research was no help
  Ebm       Bbm
I sink into myself
                        Ab    Gb
Afraid of the fall that never ends
   Ab               Bbm                    Gb
I wait, but I'm too tired to play pretend
        Bbm                Db Ebm Bbm Ab
I suffocate until the end
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No time for half-hearted goodbyes,
I turn on the spotlight and flee from the scene
Cheap flights from Paris to Bangkok, I thought it was nonstop
Can't sleep on the KLM again
I haunt the halls of medicine at night
Choking back the urge to fight

Her cat was clawing the floorboards just outside of our door,
The panic begins
I searched the whole damn apartment from ceiling to carpet
No sign of the things she used to own
As autumn turns its back on me again
I climb the walls for oxygen

Gb Ab

   Ebm            Bbm
My body aches, it heaves, it shakes
    Gb            Ab
All summer sounds so caught up
       Ebm             Bbm            Gb
And I still don't know exactly who I am
I never will, amen.

Repeat the first part of the verse for this part (Db, Ebm, Bbm, Ab)

She whispers something in my ear, the message is unclear
She motions outside.
I trail her closely from behind
She tries hard not to cry
She shakes underneath the pouring rain

Repeat the second part of the verse here (Gb, Ab, Bbm)
I can't compete with all your damn ideas
This isn't working out for you and me
The truth is I'm too tired to play pretend

Gb              Ab                  Db
   This is goodbye, this is the end.

Outro: Db