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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Umi Says Bass Tab

Song:  		   Umi Said
Artist:     Mos Def
Album:      Black on Both Sides
Tabbed By:  Mike Bottiggi

This is the correction from my previous tab, which I did about 
a month ago.  I was (and still am) pretty new to the bass guitar, 
and that was my first attempt at tabbing.  This one is a lot more 
[ Tab from: ]

The main riff is the same, just without the hammer-on in the intro.  
It also goes higher in a few variations but I haven't figured out those 
yet.  But for now, this is all I have.  If anyone cares to figure out 
the other variations please send them to me and/or post a correction.  

I was also emailed and told that Mos plays bass on the album.  Thanks 
to Ezbenny for that info.