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With You - With Me Chords

Tabbed by:carolsnot4me

Tuning: standar

   Eb  Bb* Gm  Fm  Bb  Cm  Ab

very slow, with taste...
intro:Eb Bb* Gm  Fm  Bb

Eb                               Bb*
Can I see you for a moment Can I sit with you a while

            Gm  Fm                 Bb
I know it's late But everything is late

       Eb                           Bb*
All my life I've been a drifter And that's how you know me, too
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          Gm   Fm         Bb
I've never seen Tomorrow's view

Cm          Gm             Ab                      Bb* 
All along I hear this song That something else one day will come along

Cm                 Gm                      Ab                  
Late, but suddenly, I know what I must do I didn't see it coming

I didn't know it was you

Eb          Bb*    Cm                 Ab     EbBb*         Cm          Ab 
The days are high And the nights are deep and I can feel it moving in me  

    Eb      Bb* Cm            Ab   Eb   Bb    Ab 
and nothing's like it used to be With you - with me

You may have seen me... 

hope u enjoy !!!