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Lydia Chords

                             Lydia - Morten Abel
Tabbed By:Me.

By: M.Abel

Album: Snowboy

Awesomness: Great Beyond belief!
Capo 3rd Fret.

Intro: D A Em G
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D         A   
I need a voice to hear 
A hand to hold
A mind to be near
D        A 
I need skin to touch
     Em                 G
The scent of hair will mean so much 
D        A      
I need lips to kiss 
     Em          G
The laughter of someone to miss 
D          A              Em             G
I need to wake up to the sound of you breathing

Em         D
I need to comfort you
     A               G
And let you cry when you have to
Em          D 
I need to kiss your tears 
     A           A
And let you be alone

          G                                   D
D-A-Em   But you don`t know what it`s like 
          G                               D
  A-Em   But you don't know what it's like

Verse 2:



Solo part: Play Verse/Bridge

Verse 3:

The Outro goes the same as the verse/bridge: D A Em G / Em D A G
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