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Down And Out Chords

                           Down & Out - Morten Abel
Tabbed By:Me.

By: M.Abel

Album: Some Of Us Will Make It

Awesomness: Greate Song!

F* = xx3565


F F* F C F Bb | F C F*

Verse 1:
F                      F*
Doctor help me please, I'm down & I'm out
F                         C
It hurts like a bastard, and I'm so full of doubt
F                          Bb
And the pain in the chest get's worse when I laugh
     F       C      F*
I'm sold to the aftermath

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Bb                            F*
So doctor help me please, get me back on track
Bb                               C
A blue pill for the chest and a red one for the back
F                                Bb
But what hurts most is from the deep inside
       F      C         F*
I've tried everything twice
    F          C      F*
A stone cold achin' fright

F                     F*
hoo hooo hooo It appears to you now
F                          C
Life, you know you can't argue with
C                   Bb
You cheat it, you sleep with it
         F*                                   C
And you try to get to know it, but you never..






F C F*