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Dont Forget Me Chords

Don't Forget Me
- Morten Abel -

Em7       A     F#m
I fell in love
	   E       A
we started dating
   F#m          E      A
At first it was frightening
F#m               E  A
I wished it could go away

Hm                   A    F#m
I knocked down your door
      E  A
F#m             E    A    F#m
We started off flirting
             E   A
But ended up hating

A               E
Don't forget me
Just let time decide
Let the ocean drain and
all the stars fall down

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We both know the story
And how it's ending
It's been good to know you baby
But we never speak again

Em7		A     F#m
When your're in Rome
	  E A     F#m
Do as the Romans
	      E  A  F#m	
I was just relating
 			  E   A
to what everyone else was saying

Hm            A
It started so well
F#m       E    A    F#m
I'll be pretending
	        E   A
That nothing is missing


Hm7-Fm-Fm-E-A (x3)

--Refreng instrumental

Gunn Midtøy 11.11.01

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