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Ok here are the chords for Come Back To Camden from Morrissey. If you think its wrong let me know. Isn't though. 

I've written it in these keys because its easier to play so tune it up so the first note intro is to your C.
otherwise you're playing lots of bar chords which don't sound too good (yep there still are some i know!).
The chord I've called B/G*  is from thinnest to thickest.... x 0 0 1 2 x    (where "x" means don't play). 
This is a piano song though so bear that in mind, I suggest arpegio-ing the 4 notes in this chord, sounds nicer
and also sounds good if on the "F"'s you sometimes play the open top "e" - ie.... 0 1 2 3 3 x  especially right at the end.
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Workings out dedicated to Kat La Chatte from james g, who first played me the song...couldn't find the tabs anywhere(!) 
Think its the first tab for this anywhere....anyways....
stop messin' 'bout in foreign lands and Come back to camden, kitty...

Verse 1 and 2 :   C F C F C F C                     Amin   D    Fmin    Emin      x2100x

Verse 3:             G# C# G# C# G# C# G#      Fmin     Bb   C#min   Cmin   x2100x

Verse 4:             E A E A E  A E                    C#min   F#   Amin    Abmin   x2100x

Verse 5 and 6:   C F C F C F C                   Amin   D    Fmin    Emin      x2100x

end:                    C F C F C F C 

from James G - workings out dedicated to Kat LA Chatte....