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Like You Promised Chords

I LOVE this song.. here is a link to Amber playing it

I just made these chords, they may not be exact, but they DEFINITELY work,
 and would be fine for any worship set. Sometimes I put another chord in 
brackets, it either means, play one the first time and one the second, or I
 wasn't sure which one fit better.. This is the first tab I have ever 
posted, only been playing guitar for a year and I taught myself, so i don't 
know a lot of technical terms and etc...  Feel free to comment and correct, 
I appreciate it!

Capo 1 
Key  F
Chord structure is open E

Chords Used
C#m7- 	x46600
Bsus4-	x24400
A2-     009900 alternate 0099800
Emaj7-	079800
E-	079900

Like You Promised							
-Amber Brooks-
[ Tab from: ]
C#m7                Bsus4            A2
Stir these stagnant waters of my soul,
C#m7                  Bsus4              A2
Merge me with Your river which springs life,
C#m7                  Bsus4              
I donít have all the right words to say 
            A2             C#m7(*)
That will provoke You to want me
 C#m7                  Bsus4 (Held)          
Anymore than you already do. 

So won't You come,
Come like You promised
Pour out Your Spirit, 
                Emaj7 (or Bsus4)
Pour out Your Spirit! 4x

C#m7          Bsus4            A2
Come into my darkness where I hide,
C#m7              Bsus4                 A2       
Pull me into Your arms Your arms of peace.
C#m7                  Bsus4
Reaching past my hiding,
     A2              C#m7(*)
Oh, reach out to my running,
                 C#m7                 Bsus4
Oh, Lord, come fill my soul with Your love! 

You love like a Father!
You love like a brother!
You love like a Lion,
Fierce Like no other!
You violently chase me 
Down, to embrace me.
Engulf me, 
In who You are! (Repeat)