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Shabondama Chords

Shabondama or Soap Bubbles
Author: Tsunku
Original arrangement by: Takahashi Yuichi.

This is the four minutes long version.



E- E-/D E-/C#  CM7 (do this while the solo guitar is doing arpeggi on E- D  A  C)  
G6  A  B7  E-
E- Dsus2 A/C# CM7
G A  B7  C

C  B7  E-  A(7)  
A-7 (/Bb) B7

Repeat Chorus

C x CM7 (/E-G-C)

Theme (Verse)
E-  Dsus2 A  C
E-  G   A  B7 E-

(Famous line "Ai surru hito...")
1.E- x Dsus2 x A x C (The solo guitar is doing notes E  D  C#  C)
E- G  A Badd#5 (/D#) B7  E- 

2.E-  Dsus2  A  C
E- G  A  Badd#5  B7 E- 
B7 E- x
[ Tab from: ]
A-7add13  G#-7b5 GM7
F#-7b5 B7  E-7  G*
C(6)  B7(addb5)  E-  A5 A
C  A7/C#  D D (/C#-C-A) B7 (/F#-A-B)

Repeat Chorus(x2)
CM7 (E-G-C)

These are the chords for rika's monologue.
E- (/G-B-D) E-7add11 E-M7b5 G Gadd9 G
A (/C#-E-G) A11 A-M7b5 A A7
B7 CM7 A/C# D Baddb5 B7

Repeat Chorus (x4) 

CM7 (/B-D) B7 E

C  D  E- A
A  F#7 B7 
C  D  E- A
A  F#7 B7 B7 B7
E- x

E- G A  Badd#5 B7 E-

Repeat Verse (2.) then PreChorus, Chorus (x4, Same chords always)

CM7 (/E-G-C)  

A-7add13: 5x5500
G#-7b5: 4x4430
E-7add11: 0000xx
E-M7b5: 0110xx
A11: x00000
A-M7b5: x0111x
* Play the chord one beat before next measure
x = mute string or silence