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Onna Ni Sachi Are Chords

Song: Onna ni Sachi Are
Artist: Morning Musume
Tabbed by:
Tuning: Eb Ab  Db Gb Bb Eb

Eh I thought that people might want this tabbed out, The actual progression is pretty basic.

The song itself is in Eb minor (I think they drop it a half step just to make 
Anyways, you don't have to tune down a half step unless you really feel like you're 
the song injustice by not.

(by the way this is only my second tab so I apologize for any simple mistakes)

Lead in
Em Am D B7

Em C D G B7
C B7
Em Am D G B7
C B7 Em

C (yuushite..)
Em (baka ne...)
B7 (torarechau...)
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Em Am D G B7
Em Am D B7 Em

Em Am D B7 Em

Repeat Verse, Prechorus, Chorus

Transition (this part I am sure there are some mistakes, sorry!)
Em C B
Am A Fm B
Em A B7 Em A (massive build up)

Chorus (first phrase quiet or fingerstyle)
Em Am D B7 Em

And that's it!

just as reference
I used:
B7 x21202
B  x24442

And sometimes on the chorus I substituted Am7 for Am... call it freedom of expression if 
will. I only consider this an intermediate tab because beginners might have problems 
with B7 (I know I used to)