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Love Machine Chords

From: Christopher Nole (
Author: Tsunku

bass line theme (play it like disco bass, imitating the bass drum):

G  -----------------|
D  --2-4421--2------|
A  44-4----44-42233-|
E  -----------------|
   1   2   3   4

verse (this is only one way to do it)
G  ---------------------------------|
D  --2-442---2-------2-442---442211-|
A  4--4---4---422334--4-------------|
E  -----------------------4---------|
   1               1

you can get the rhythm from the tabs above


F-(7)  Eb   Eb- (7)  Db  G-(7)  Ab7sus4

Db (-7)  Gb (M7)  Db(-7)  GbM7 (/Cb C Db)
Db (-7)   Gb (M7)  Ab7sus4

Repeat Theme
[ Tab from: ]
Db (-7) Gb (M7) Ab7sus4

Gb-7  Cb7/Gb  Db-7   Fb (add#5)
Gb-7  Ab7    Db (-7) (Cb7/Db  Fb/Db)
Gb-7  Ab7    Fb (6)  Db-7
Gb-7  Ab7sus7

Chorus (Nippon ni mirai wa...)
A  B  E   E6
A  B  C#- (7/E)
A  B  E   E6
F#-  G#-  A  Ab7sus4

Repeat Theme

Repeat Prechorus

Chorus (Don't waste it)

The intermezzo is almost percussive (deck)


Then the Chorus again but softer.
A   B   E   E6
A   B   C#- (7/E)
A   B   E   E6
F#-7  G#-7  A  Asus2 B7

Repeat Chorus several times until lyrics run out

Repeat Theme

and the end (...Love machine...)

Hint: E6 and C#-7/E are same chord.