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Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima Chords & Tabs

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Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima Chords

Hyokkori Hyoutan-Jima (or The Floating Gourd Island)

This song seemed a lot easier of what it is. I guess every excellent song is always a 
hard one, but it worths it.

(Ab) G7/B (Gb7)

Ab  Gb  Ab Gb
Eb  Db  Bb  (/Bb Db)

Verse1 (Nami wo Chappu Chappu Chappu...)
Eb  Db   Eb  Bb-
Eb  Bb-  Eb7
Ab  Ab7  Gb6  F7

Bb-  B  Bb-  Eb
Bb-  B  Ab  Db  F7
Bb-  Eb-  Ab  F  Bb  C-7b5 Bb7
Eb   Db (x2) Bb7
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Bb7 (sus4)  (x2) Bb Ab

Eb Db  Bb Ab
Eb Db Eb Bb-  Bb (7) (/Bb 
Db D)

Repeat entire verse (Don't forget the percussive silence and Niigaki's "Susume"), 
and Chorus

Eb Db (Percussion)

Now this:
Eb Db Bb Ab
Ab (7)  (The solo here goes tonal scale and ends up on:) Eb  F

Repeat Prechorus and Chorus (x2)

Eb  Db  Bb  Ab
Eb  Db  Bb

Final chords: Eb Db Eb

G7/B  7xx767
Tonal escale:   C  D  e  f#  g#  
Percussion silence:  Just stop strumming the guitar and use it as a drum, and/or make 
noise you like.