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Dance Suru No Da Chords

Dance suru no da (I dance)

Lyrics and music: Tsunku
Arrangement: Dance (star) Man, same of Love Machine

this song is cool

tuning: Eb Ab  Db  Gb Bb Eb

AM7  (5x66x0)*
DM7  (x54600)
E6   (0566x0)
E7   (0564x0)
D6   (2x0202)
E7addb9 (02x131)

AM7  DM7  E6 E7 (x3)

AM7  DM7  E7 (x2)

F#- (7)   B7 (/A-E)  D6 G  E7

Repeat verse

F#- (7)  B7 (/A-E)  D6  B-7  E7

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1.F#- (7)  D (M7)
C#7  F#- (7)
D  E F#-7 D6
G E7

2.F#- (7)  D (M7)
C#7 F#- (7)
G/D   DM7
B-7  E7 (addb9)

Repeat Intro, Verse, Prechorus, Intro

DM7  C#-(7)  F#-7
B-7(11)  E7(9)/B-E**
DM7  C#-(7)  F#-7
B-7(11)  E7

Repeat intro (x2)

DM7  E7


Repeat Chorus, intro and ending.

*This chord should be AM7/C# but there is no easy or funny way to play it on guitar 
97799x). Get a bassist player.
**On guitar this chord can sound weird because E9/B sounds like G#-7b5, a chord that 
be there. A suggestion is don't use E9/B but E7/B and then E9.