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Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 17:08:00 -0000
From: "Curtis, Damian, CURTISD3" 
To: 'OLGA chord submission ' 
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Ordinary Man, performed & written by Christy Moore
>From Album; Ordinary Man.
Chords by Damian Curtis, Leeds, England.

I play the chord positions below, but with a Capo on 3rd fret.
You can choose depending on your singing key.

Am                       G                      F
I'm an ordinary man, nothing special nothing grand
        F                          G                     Am
I've had to work for everything I own
  Am                            G               F
I never asked for a lot, I was happy with what I'd got
  F                                  G                          Am
Enough to keep my family and my home

                   F 	                  G
C                           Am
Now they say that times are hard and they've handed me my cards
            F                                                      E
They say there's not the work to go around
         Am                          G                  F
And when the whistle blows, the gates will finally close
F                                            G
Tonight they're going to shut this factory down
                                    F G Am                         F G
Then they'll tear it d-o-w-n
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  Am                         G                             F
I never missed a day nor went on strike for higher pay
       F                         G                       Am
For twenty years I served them best I could
Am               G                                F
Now with a handshake and a cheque it seems so easy to forget
F                                   G
Loyalty through the bad times and through good
F 	                      G                           C
The owner says he's sad to see that things have got so bad
But the captains of industry won't let him lose
       Am                 G             F                     Am
He still drives a car and smokes his cigar
         F                             G                   Am
And still he takes his family on a cruise,
                      F G Am             F G Am
he'll never l-o-s-e

Am                          G                 F         Am
Well it seems to me such a cruel irony
           F                           G                    Am
He's richer now than ever he was before
Am                              G                    F
Now my cheque is spent and I can't afford the rent
                F                          G
There's one law for the rich, one for the poor
F 	           G                           C                     Am
Every day I've tried to salvage some of my pride
To find some work so's I might pay my way
             Am                   G            F
Oh but everywhere I go, the answer's always no
                F                    G                      Am
There's no work for anyone here today,
                F G  Am               F G Am
no work t-o-d-a-y

Am                                   G                       F
And so condemned I stand, just an ordinary man
          F                  G                              Am
Like thousands beside me in the queue
Am                             G                      F
I watch my darling wife trying to make the best of life
         F                                     G
And God knows what the kids are going to do
F 	              G            C                           Am
Now that we are faced ... with this human waste
     F                                 E
A ge---neration cast aside
               Am           G       F                 Am
And as long as I live, I never will forgive
               F                                  G                  Am
You've stripped me of my dignity and pride,
                                       F G  Am
F G Am
you've stripped me b-a-r-E,   you've stripped me b-a-r-E,
	      	 F G Am
you've stripped me b-a-r-E.