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Joxter Goes To Stuttgart Chords

Joxter Goes To Stuttgart
by Christy Moore

C                                F            
It was in the year of '88 in the lovely month of June
When the gadflies were swarming and dogs howling at the moon
C                                     F
With rosary beads and sandwiches for Stuttgart we began
       G                                                 C
Joxter packed his German phrasebook and jump leads for the van

C                                                  F
Some of the lads had never been away from home before
G                                              	           C
'Twas the first time Whacker put his foot outside of Inchicore
C					    F
Before goin into Europe we knew we'd need a plan
C                        F             G                C
And we all agreed that Joxter was the man to drive the van

C                          F
In Germany the autobahn, 'twas like the Long Mile Road
There was every make of car and van all carrying the full load
C 				F
Ford Transits and Hi-Aces and a Bedford from Tralee
G						C
With the engine overheating from long hauling duty free

C						F
There were fans from Ballyfermot, Ballybock and Ballymun
          G						C
On the journey of a lifetime, and the crack was ninety-one
C					        F
Joxter met a German's daughter on the banks of the river Rhine
C			F		G	    C
And he told her she'd be welcome in Ballyfermot any time

C    				        F
As soon as we found Stuttgart we got the wagons in a ring
Sean Og got out the banjo and Peter played the mandolin
C					F
There were fans there from everywhere excited by the sound
G							             C
At the first Fleadh Ceoil in Europe, and Joxter passed the flagon round
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C						     F
Well the session it was over when we'd finished all the stout
G						    C
The air mattresses inflated and the sleeping bags rolled out
C					       F
As one by one we fell asleep poor Joxter had a dream
	     C                 F         G                C
He dreamt himself and Jack Charlton sat down to pick the team

C                                F
He dreamt they both agreed on Packie Bonner straightaway
And Moran, Whelan and McGrath were certainly to play
C                                                       F
But tempers they began to rise and patience wearing thin
G					C
Jack wanted Cascarino but Joxter wanted Quinn

C						          F
The dream turned into a nightmare, Joxter stuck the head in Jack
G 						      C
Who wanted to bring Johnny Giles and Eamon Dunphy back
C						    F
The cock crew in the morning, he crew both loud and shrill
C		      F			G	           C
Joxter woke up in his sleeping bag many miles from Spencer Hill

C					F
The next morning none of the papers gave us the slightest chance
They said the English team would lead us on a merry dance
C					F
With their Union Jacks the English fans for victory were set
G						C
Until Ray Houghton got the ball and he stuck it in the net

C						F
What happened next is history, brought tears to many eyes
G					      F
That day will be the highlight of many people's lives
C						        F
Joxter climbed right over the top and the last time he was seen
C                       F                     G                 C
Was arm in arm with Jackie Charlton singing, Revenge for Skibereen

C				F
Now Whacker's back in Inchicore, he's living with his mam
And Jack Charlton has been proclaimed an honorary Irishman
C					F
Do you remember the German's daughter on the banks of the river Rhine?
G						C
She showed up in Ballyfermot and things are looking fine

C F - G F - C F - C F G C

C        F
Que sera, sera
F                      C
Whatever will be, will be
C                         G
The future's not ours to see
G               C
Que sera, sera

Tabbed by : Colin Kennedy
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