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Continental Ceili Chords

Hope this sounds right only got time to post one verse and chorus 
but you should get the gist
What a songwriter!

Continental Ceili 
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Over in McCanns there's a grand type of dance band a playing
and they're spinning out the continental ceili,
They're coming in their cars from the bars over in Leitir and Killane 
just to hear the famous Gunter Reynolds playing
out the Star of Munster with Hans O'Donoghue
neatly tappin out a tango on the spoons,
such commotion will act like a lotion on the struttin at the
G7                C
Continental Ceili tonight.

Ciaran closes his eyes pretends he's in disguise
     F                           C
when he sees an old flame comin' over
He's playin for  the Swedes in their tweeds doin all he can to please
    F                         Am
the nights in such a delicate stage
Later on he'll give an audience to one of them or two
      F                                  C
he'll sing the Dyin' Swan to touch their feelings 
     D                                                  G7
tonight's his night and tomorrow night will be just the same