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Hes Still There Chords

He’s Still There
Words and Music by Charles Moore

      A                                 E                                        A                                               
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1.God’s mighty presence surrounds you and me, whether you feel it or not
2.When we lay down at night to get our rest, he’s there blessin’ you and me
3.When you’re eating your three meals in the day, When you’re brushin’ your teeth
4. When you’re on your way to work in the mourn’ listenin’ to your radio.

       D             A
1. He’s Still There                     A                       E                      
2.He’s Still There      Chorus: He’s still there keeping his children safe from the devil’s 
3. He’s Still There                    
4. He’s Still There
             A                                                          D              A
evil schemes, it’s time for us to proclaim that he’s still there.