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Girlfriend Chords

Title: Girlfriend
Artist: Moonstar 88
Album: Todo Combo
Chords by: Mark Jesson Galera

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Intro: C-E (2x)

C           E
I see the look in her eyes
C           E
As she gave me far smile
C           E
She sees a face behind before
C           E
Why one once reality
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F                  C
And maybe it was your fault
   F   G  G#   A
or hers maybe even mine

A  C#m    E
I can see it coming
A  C#m    E
I can hear it calling
A  C#m    E
I can feel coming..

Intro: C-E

C                         E
I know you know she doesn't hate me 
C                          E
Knowing I exist make her crazy
C                      E
Always knew it came her to 
C                         E
To have feel sorry,To have feel sorry,

Repeat refrain:
then Chorus 2x

There's we can do
There's we can do
There's we can do

Instrumental: C-E (2x)