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Fall On Me Chords

artist: moonstar 88
title: fall on me
made by: mhonna santos

     D           A
so you're down there
   F#m             G
confused you cant bear
   Bm                A
when things aren't easy
   F#m-G        Bm-A-G
hiding is not the answer

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  D - A       F#m             G
anxiety then faithless you'll be
   D - A           Bm-A-G
fall, just fall on me
        Bm         A
there's no other answer 
i'll catch you
just fall on me

 D             A
hear me now, hear my voice
   F#m                  G
speaking the words of love
    Bm         A
betrayed and died
      F#m      G
how lucky you are
      Bm         A       G
just open your eyes and see

repeat chorus

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