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Nights In White Satin Chords

The following is the version of Nights In White Satin I play.  I think it sounds close to the Moody's version (if not like it).  I have seen two other versions using slightly different chords, this is a third way and in my opinion slightly easier since it is easier to form Aadd9 then forming F or Bb (the two other chords commonly used in place of Aadd9). 

Chord list:

Em=    022000
D=     000232
C=     x32010
G=     320003
Aadd9= 002200
A=     002220
Listen to the recording of NIWS to get the correct strum pattern.

Intro, strum in the following four times: Em, D, Em, D
Then, play all the verses like this (just swap appropriate lyrics):
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Em              D    
Nights in white satin
Em                 DNever reaching the end
C            G 
Letters I've written
Aadd9            Em
Never meaning to send
Em                 D 
Beauty I've always missed
Em              D
With these eyes before
C                   G 
Just what the truth is
Aadd9       Em
I can't say anymore

The the chorus is played like so:
'Cos I love you
Yes I love you
         Em             D      Em     D
Oh how I love you
The rest of the song is like the above only with lyrical differences.  Use this as a reference and you should be able to play it fine.