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N I W S By Me Chords

Nights in white satin 
By the moody blues
By : Chance’ Walters

Okay there are only a few chords in this song, and it’s really easy.

Em                   D
Nights in white satin
Em                  D
Never reaching the end
C                   G
Letters I’ve written
F                    Em
Never meaning to send

Em                    D
Beauty I’d always missed
Em                   D
With these eyes before
C                   G
Just what the truth is
F                Em
I cant say anymore

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And I love yooooooouuuu
A       C
Yes I love you
C                      Em   D        Em       D  Em
Oooooooohhhhhhhh how I love yooooouuuu

Em              D
Gazing at people
Em              D
Some hand in hand
C                        G
Just what I’m going through
F                 Em
They can’t understand

Em                D
Some try to tell me
Em                          D
Thoughts they can not defend
C                     G
Just what you want to be
F                  Em
You’ll be in the end


Then the song goes into a big instrumental piece and it finally goes 
back to the very fist verse and you play it the same way. 

Thank you  

Dedicated to Dustin  haha