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Actor Chords


( D C G C )

D            C            G       C
 The curtain rises on the scene
D             C             G     C
 With someone chanting to be free
D           C               G     C
 The play unfolds before my eyes
D                 C           G   C
 There stands the actor who is me

(Chorus Intro) (Am G F E Am)
Our reasons are the same but there's 
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But there's no one we can blame
For there's nowhere we need go
         E                           Am
When the only truth we know comes so easily

(Chorus) (C G Am, Em F Em, Em F Em, F Fm C)

    C            G             Am
The sound i have heard in your hello
Em    F                   Em             
Oh darling  you're almost part of me
Em    F                     Em      
Oh darling  you're all i'll ever see
F    Fm   C