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The Song That Goes Like This Chords

Artist: Monty Python
Song: The song that goes like this (From 'Spamalot')
Tabbed by: DJ
9th Dec 2013

Tuning: Standard

A      = x02220    Bb   = x13331    A7    = x02020    D7    = xx0212
E/G#   = 4x2400    Gm7  = 353333    G7    = 320001    E     = 022100
F#m    = 244222    C4   = x33011    G     = 032033    E7    = 022130
D#m7b5 = x01222    C    = x32010    D/F#  = 200232    [ch]F#m/E[/ch] = 044222
D      = xx0232    A/C# = x4222x    [ch]B7/D#[/ch] = xx1202    Bm7   = x24232
D/E    = xx2232    Dm/C = x30231    Em    = xx2000    F#    = 244322
Fadd9  = xx3213    C7   = x32310    Em/D  = xx0000    F#7   = 242322
F      = 133211    Bb/F = 113331    Em/B  = x22000    B     = x24442
C/E    = xx2010    F/A  = x03211    Am7   = x02010    G#m   = 466444
Dm     = xx0231    [ch]F7/A[/ch] = x01211    D7sus4= xx0213    C#m7  = x46454


   A    E/G#     F#m   D#m7b5   D    D/E      Fadd9
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  / |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  / |  /  /  /  / | 

   F                   C/E
"Once in every show...    there comes a song like this,
     Dm                          Bb
It starts off soft and low, and ends up with a kiss,
      F      Dm     Gm7                  C4     C
Oh, where... is the song that goes like this--------?"

(Where is it?  Where? Where?)

       F                 C/E                 A/C#
"A sentimental song that casts a magic spell,
     Dm                  Dm/C           Bb
They all will hum along,        we'll overact like hell,
      F     Dm     Gm7        C7    F       Bb/F
Oh, this... is the song that goes...   like this!"

("Yes it is!"  "Yes it is!"  "Yes it is!"  "Yes it is!")

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  Bb                           F/A
"Now we can go straight... in - to the middle eight,
   Gm7           C7      F
A bridge... that is too!"
 [ch]F7/A[/ch]  Bb                     A7
"I'll sing it in your face, while we both embrace!"
     Dm       G7        C       D
And then we change the key---------!

  G                                  D/F#                (B7/D#)
"Now we're into E!   Erm... That's awfully high for me!"
        Em        Em/D      C
"But everyone can see, we should have stayed in D!"
C  Em/B  Am   G   Em     Am7                 D7sus4   D7
         For this is our song that goes like this----------!

       G                             D/F#
"I'm feeling very proud!"  "You're singing far too loud!"
            Em                 Em/D               C
"That's the way that this song goes!"  "You're standing on my toes!"
C  Em/B  Am   G    Em       Am7                   D7sus4  D7   E   E7
            Sing - ing our song... that goes like this-----------------!

    A                                  E/G#
"I can't believe there's more!"  "It's far too long, I'm sure!"
              F#m                   [ch]F#m/E[/ch]         D
"That's the trouble with this song,       it goes on and on and on!"
     A   F#m     Bm7             E7sus4  E7    F#                   F#7
For this is our song that is too long-------------------------------------!
                                             (Jesus Christ! God damn it!)

           B                                 F#
"We'll be singing this till dawn!"  "You'll wish that you weren't born!"
       G#m                               E
"Let's stop this damn refrain...  be - fore we go insane!"
      B      G#m      C#m7     F#       E       B
The song... always... ends... like... this-----------!