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Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 20:20:39 PDT
From: Carl Cressman 
Subject: m/montgomery_john_michael/angel_in_my_eyes.crd

Sometimes I watch her there a sleep,
F                                   C
And thank my lucky stars, for every second
                                             F                     G/B
she's here with me I wanna hold her in my arms,
                            Am                   Em
cause she is my day she is my night,
                 F                               G
she is the breath that gives me life,
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             C                                     G
But sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry,
     F                                       G
sometimes we fight and we don't know why,
             C                            G
but no matter what she believes in me,
                     F                               G
she's the closest thing to heaven I'll ever see, 
          Am           F/G                             C  F  C
she'll always be,      an angel in my eyes.

Sometimes I feel her by my side, 
                          F                        C
like she's been watchin' over me, 
I get a chill up and down my spine, 
                 F                       G/B
and that's all the proof I need, 
                             Am                          Em
cause she fills my heart she feels my soul,
                  F                             G
she is the half that makes me whole,

repeat chorus: