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Unsupervised Chords

Unsupervised by Mono Puff (from the album Unsupervised)

This song seems to throw people, mostly because of the middle two chords. The third chord in the verse is an Eb6/b5. From the A minor, bar the first fret across the D through E strings. Second finger frets the second fret of the G string, pinky frets the third string of the E string. If you like, you can also call this Am7/Eb.

Intro: G   Am  Eb6/b5 D7
       //  //   //    //

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         G    Am          Eb6/b5   D7 
I hit my head, I hear the phone ring.
      B             C          D
I was distracted by my friend Joe.
I hit my head, now I'm left handed.
Lost my sublet to my friend Joe.

Chorus: (power chords)
             C            D      G        B
I've lost my super powers, I was invisible (invincible?)
I could just cut myself, write out my will.
        C          D        G         E
I was unsupervised, I had a real good time,
  C      D
Until I...I hit my head.

Repeat Intro, Verse, Chorus.


G (with bass drum) C/b5               (repeat 3x)
//// ////          / (hold 8 beats)  

G (with bass drum)  Eb6/b5 (arpeggiate) D7 
//// ////                               (play once and cut off)

Repeat Verse
Chorus twice.

And that's it. All chords guarenteed. email: